How To Prevent Tomato Blossom End-Rot


Tomatoes are the most popular vegetables among consumers today. They also are likely to take the central place in your garden. Your mission is to provide healthy and delicious food for your table, but often your harvest turns out to be spoiled even before being fully ready because of tomato blossom end-rot. Here are a few helpful tips on how to protect and treat your tomatoes.

Tomato blossom end-rot, as the name implies, is the rotting of the bottom (blossoming) end of the tomato. It is initially a small pouch of water inside the fruit and as it grows, turns into a larger lesion, brown in color, which might take up to a half of the tomato’s size. An important fact to keep in mind is that tomato blossom end-rot is not caused by a disease, parasites, or any other pests, so there is no need to waste money on expensive treatment solutions and insecticides. Tomato blossom end-rot is caused by the deficiency of calcium and water in the soil nurturing the plants.

You can apply an immediate treatment with calcium to the plant’s foliage if the problem has already occurred. However, the result usually turns out to be poor. The best way to prevent tomato blossom end-rot is to apply a few simple measures throughout the gardening process. First, before planting the tomatoes, hoe the soil thoroughly and completely and add a considerable amount of compost, so that nutrients are well sustained. When planting, make sure there is a 2 to 4 feet distance between each stable. In this way roots will be able to deliver minerals to the blossoms more effectively. Regular irrigation is a must. A modest shade or mulching (laying a material on the ground around the plant) will slow the water evaporation on hot days. In order to ensure tomato blossom end-rot will not occur, apply a fertilizer rich in phosphorous and containing less nitrogen (on labels – a large second and a small first number). This will allow for more calcium ions to be absorbed by the plant.

Following these few simple steps will make your tomato blossom end-rot problem go away forever, and you’ll be able to enjoy an endless supply of fresh tomatoes from your garden.

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